Cambridge Centre for Brain Repair

Cambridge Centre for Brain Repair

Contact Information

  Cambridge Centre for Brain Repair
Forvie Site, Robinson Way
Cambridge CB2 0PY
United Kingdom

  Sarah Mason +44 (122) 333-1160



Site Coordinators

Mason_CambridgeSarah Mason, PhD, BSc

My research: It is primarily focuses on understanding the cognitive and psychiatric signs of Huntington’s disease (HD), in particular whether changes in the prodromal stage of HD occur in a consistent way that could be used to predict phenoconversion in at risk individuals who carry the HD gene expansion using neuropsychological assessments and scanning techniques such as structural and function MRI. I am especially interested in whether there are subtle changes in social cognition, such as theory of mind, that could explain some of the difficulties experiences by patients early in the disease.



Anna Gerritz

Site Investigator

barker_cambridgeRoger Barker, PhD, MRCP

I work on: Clinical aspects of Parkinson’s and Huntington’s disease including the study of disease heterogeneity using cognitive testing, functional imaging and genetic biomarkers. Examining the value of different biomarkers to assess disease onset and progression. Evaluating and developing novel therapies for these conditions including cell transplants. Studying the effects of the neurodegenerative brain on intrinsic adult neurogenesis.