About E.J. Garner

E.J. Garner
Appointed HD Community Member

E.J. is the grandmother of twin granddaughters (18yrs) who are at risk of Huntington’s disease.  Their father died at age 44 from HD in 2015.  Her grandson died at age 6 from Juvenile HD in 2008.  She and her husband, Art, both retired from the corporate world in 2015 and moved from Southern California to Olympia, WA to be close to their granddaughters and daughter-in-law.  

She has been active in the HD community since 2006 when her son was diagnosed with HD.  She served on the chapter boards of HDSA in Orange County (CA) and Washington State and was most recently termed off the HDSA National BOT. 

Fun Fact: “To honor my son and grandson and bring awareness/fundraise for HD I have walked the Camino de Santiago (554 miles); California Mission Walk (890 miles); and plan to hike the West Highlands Way (96 miles) in Scotland in October 2023.”