About Shari Kinel

Shari Kinel, JD
Board Secretary
CEO, Huntington Study Group

Shari Kinel joined the HSG in 2009 and led the formation of the HSG as a standalone not-for-profit 501(c) organization as well as the formation of HSG Clinical Research, Inc – a for-profit wholly owned subsidiary of the HSG. Kinel oversees the overall operations and leads planning and implementation of strategic initiatives. Kinel is involved in helping conduct HD clinical trials including the pivotal trial that resulted in the second FDA-approved drug for HD. Since joining HSG, Kinel has served on HD clinical trial steering committees, HD trial project teams and has worked with many HD organizations and partners on special programs. Kinel is an attorney who started her career at the government in Washington, DC, and then transitioned to financial services until she found her passion working towards finding treatments for people affected by HD. 

Fun Fact: “30+ years ago, on July 16th, I hitchhiked to see The WHO. Three years ago, on July 16th, I took my twins to see The WHO (we drove).”