HSG 2015 | Tampa Florida

About HSG 2015 Annual Meeting

Over the past 20 years, HSG has hosted an annual, internationally recognized forum for training and education of HD researchers and for presentation of new research findings and treatments. The annual meeting also offers continuing education courses designed for HSG members, clinicians in the local region and specialized programs for experienced HD clinicians and investigators. The highly-acclaimed HD Clinical Research Symposium draws worldwide recognition with an annual following of over 300 leaders in HD. The symposium is followed by a forum/workshop that actively engages the HD community in discussion. To see an agenda overview, click here .


HSG 2015 Sponsorship

Planning, organizing, and hosting the annual meeting takes nearly a year, requires the efforts of dozens of committed people, the contributions from several dedicated committees and HSG staff. Only some costs of the meeting are covered by sponsored research. HSG relies on donations and sponsorship to make this meeting possible.

HSG thanks all of our sponsors for their dedication and commitment to seeking treatments that make a difference for HD by making this meeting possible.

Presentations & Resources

There were dozens of great presentations during HSG 2015. Presentations available to the general public can be found here.

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Blog posts from the annual event

HSG 2015 Round-Up: Innovation

December 7th, 2015 Heather Hare Innovation Julie Stout presented the beta study for HD-CAB, a Standardized Cognitive Assessment Battery for Clinical Trials, which included 250 participants across 20 English-speaking sites in order to vet the HD-CAB assessment tool.  HD-CAB was developed to produce cognitive assessment data that is accurate and high in quality. The study was run as though it
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HSG 2015 Round-Up: Community

December 7th, 2015 Heather Hare Community: HSG’s Strategic Initiatives, Clinical Research, and HD Families HSG 2015 was about community – the HSG member community, the sponsor community, and perhaps most importantly, the HD family community. Huntington Study Group has set a strategic initiative to be an invaluable research partner to these three communities. For Members, HSG will identify and develop
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HSG 2015 Round-Up: Education

December 5th, 2015 Heather Hare Education Clinical research is a serious business. Elise Kayson and Lauren Seeberger’s facilitated workshop on The FDA is Coming, Now What? was a lively conversation on the highly regulated environment of clinical research. Panelists discussed the value of Good Clinical Practices (GCP) and how failing to comply with GCP requirements can result in corrective actions
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HSG Evening Blog: We Love Our Families

October 24th, 2015 Heather Hare Today was Family Day. For those of us who are clinicians and researchers in HD who happen to come from HD families, today was a special day. Today was the day that all of the science over the past few days of HSG 2015 comes together. Today was the joining of science and research with the
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HSG Evening Blog: I’ve been here before, and I need to know what’s new

October 24th, 2015 Heather Hare In conversations today, we overheard the experience of one person who has been a family caregiver to a loved one with HD, and who is now working in the field of HD research. This person, who was attending the HSG for their first time and who had been participating in the session on Practical Pointers
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