Our Leadership

Our Leadership

The management of the Huntington Study Group is conducted by HSG, a Type B not-for-profit corporation incorporated under the laws of the State of New York in 2013. HSG is governed by the Board of Directors (“Board”) in accordance with the HSG Charter.


HSG Board

The Board shall be comprised of the officers in accordance with HSG’s Bylaws. The Chair and the Co-Chair of HSG shall also serve as the Chair and Co-Chair of the Executive Committee. The Chair and Co-Chair of the Executive Committee shall be elected by a majority vote by HSG members. The Chair and Co-Chair shall also appoint a Treasurer and Secretary to serve as members of the Executive Committee.

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Andrew Feigin, Chair

Elise Kayson, Co-Chair

Julie Stout, Treasurer

Shari Kinel, Secretary

Joni Steinman, Member-At-Large


HSG Executive Committee

The purpose of the Executive Committee is to advise the Board on matters affecting HSG and to assist the Board in transacting certain business activities of HSG, as determined by the Board. The Executive Committee’s approval may be needed prior to obtaining final Board decision. The Executive Committee shall serve as a ready source of advice and guidance to the Executive Director on executive decisions.

The Executive Committee shall consist of the following members: 1) a Chair, Co-Chair, two investigator members, and one coordinator member who are elected by the voting members; 2) three external members who are appointed by the Chair who can represent the perspectives of the following stakeholders: a) the HD community, b) global researchers, and c) study sponsors; 3) a representative of the HSG Biostatistics Center and the HSG Coordination Center, appointed by the Chair; and 4) the Treasurer and Secretary of HSG.

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Kevin Biglan

Andrew Feigin (Chair)

Jack Griffin

Elise Kayson (Co-Chair)

Sandra Kostyk

Sarah Noonberg

Ralf Reilmann

Jenna Smith

Joni Steinman

Julie Stout

Ex-officio: Shari Kinel, Chris Beck


HSG Standing Committees

Activities of HSG are guided by HSG Standing Committees. Members of Standing Committees are selected by HSG leadership to widely represent our constituents and stakeholders. All Committee members serve rotational terms.