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Our Network

Founded in 1993, the Huntington Study Group is a not-for-profit research organization comprising the world’s first and largest collaborative network of experts in Huntington’s disease.

Our HSG Network is made up of Researchers & Healthcare Professionals, Families, Sponsors, & Collaborators

Researchers & Healthcare Professionals

An interdisciplinary network of healthcare providers including HSG Credentialed Research Site investigators and coordinators, nursing and medical staff, and researchers and clinicians from a wide range of disciplines. They are members of academic institutions that contribute to the advancement of HD research and/or care and are committed to seeking HD treatments that make a difference.


Individuals impacted by HD and their families and caregivers, HD organizations and volunteers around the world participating in the development of innovative HD treatments through participation in clinical trials, education, advocacy, awareness, and care.

Sponsors & Collaborators

Partnering organizations including pharmaceutical companies, CROs, foundations, and government agencies committed to advancing therapies for HD.