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Scientific Advisory Council

HSG’s Scientific Advisory Council (“SAC”) is an expert body of scientists across a variety of disciplines who provide objective, independent scientific review of proposed projects, initiatives, studies, trials, and other opportunities across HSG and HSGCR. The SAC is governed according to a set of Guidelines and reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer.

Benefits of Using Our Scientific Advisory Council

  • Holistic assessments of the HD drug development landscape
  • Aspects of pre-clinical research planning
  • Expert advice on clinical trial design from first-in-human to pivotal trials
  • Coordination of scientific, ethical and patient-advisory protocol reviews
  • Guidance for working more effectively with FDA on approvals
  • In-person support and attendance at FDA meetings
  • Advice on selection of steering committee and other trial leaders

HSG Scientific Advisory Council Chairs

Christopher Ross, MD, PhD (SAC Chair)

Senior Scientific Advisor

Johns Hopkins University

Blair Leavitt, MDCM, FRCP (SAC Co-Chair)

University of British Columbia

Sandra Kostyk, MD, PhD

Co-Chair, HSG Executive Membership Committee

The Ohio State University

To request more information about HSG advisory services or receive a proposal

By Phone: +1 (800) 487-7671
By Email: info@hsglimited.org