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Movement Disorders Center, Banner Sun Health Research Institute, 10515 W. Sante Fe Drive, Sante Fe, AZ 85351

  Molly Goddard (623) 832 – 5726

Site Coordinators

Molly Goddard
Phone: (623) 832 – 5726

Site Investigators

shprecherDavid Shprecher, DO
Dr. David Shprecher is a neurologist and serves as Banner’s Movement Disorders Program Director, overseeing patient care and clinical research studies. He specializes in diagnosis, treatment and research for movement disorders including Parkinson disease, tics and Tourette syndrome, Huntington disease, dystonia, tardive dyskinesia, tremor, progressive supranuclear palsy, and multiple system atrophy.

Previously, Dr. Shprecher mentored numerous students and trainees while serving as Movement Disorders Division Chief at the University of Utah. Inspired by personal experience as an individual with Tourette syndrome, he has dedicated his career to improving treatment options and quality of life for movement disorder patients. His work with the Brain and Body Donation Program is aimed at improving early diagnosis of Parkinson’s and related diseases. The ultimate goal: to develop a treatment that can prevent these illnesses entirely.