Become an HSG Member

Become an HSG Member

HSG members are among the world’s best and most dedicated HD professionals. They are medical professionals – primarily neurologists and psychiatrists — coordinators, nurses, therapists, dietitians, social workers, genetic counselors who want to be make a difference in the quality of life of individuals with HD and their families. They aim to find treatments for HD that make a meaningful difference.

HSG is as passionate about families affected by HD as you are. We are working together with our families, members, sponsors, and partners to make HD increasingly a treatable disease. Our goal for membership is to create a community of engaged and committed investigators sharing best practices, participating in trials and studies, conferences and meetings as part of a growing ecosystem of credentialed sites.

We have two options of membership

1)  HSG Members

Credentialed Investigators, Credentialed Coordinators, or Researchers or Clinicians affiliated with an HSG Credentialed Research Site that contributes to the advancement of HD research and/or care.

2)  Associate Members

Open to all, including advocates, family members, sponsors, partners and anyone else interested in supporting HSG’s mission to seek treatments that make a difference for HD.

General Rights for HSG Members

Right to vote in HSG elections, including those for the HSG Chair, Co-Chair, (Board President and Vice President) Investigator, and Coordinator Members of the Executive Committee.

General Rights for HSG and Associate Members

– Right to participate in open sessions at HSG annual meetings.

– Right to participate on HSG committees and working groups.

– Included on HSG distribution list(s) for public HSG communications.

– The right to say, “I am a member of HSG!”