Centre for Huntington Disease

Centre for Huntington Disease

Contact Information

  Centre for Huntington Disease
The University of British Columbia
Faculty of Medicine
Medical Genetics/CMMT
S179 – 2211 Wesbrook Mall
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada V6T 2B5

    Joji Decolongon, MSc, CCRP (604) 822-7928




Site Coordinators

Tuan Le
Phone: (604) 822-4872

Site Investigators

hayden_BC CanadaMichael Hayden, MB, ChB, PhD, FRCPC, FRSC

Dr. Hayden’s work focuses on understanding the genetic roots of illness and using that understanding to develop better approaches to treatment for patients. He researches diabetes, coronary artery disease, and is part of a large collaboration to determine the genetic basis for adverse drug reactions in children. Much of his career has also been dedicated to understanding the development of Huntington disease and finding a way to cure it.



Leavitt_BC CanadaBlair Leavitt, MD, CM, FRCPC

Most of Dr. Leavitt’s work focuses on Huntington disease and frontotemporal dementia, but his laboratory also works on a number of other neurodegenerative diseases that affect children, such as juvenile forms of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and ataxia.




Raymond_BC canada
Lynn  Raymond, MD

Andrew Howard, MD