Non-Physician Policy

HSG Non-Physician Policy for Credentialed Investigators

In accordance with our non-physician backup policy, for all non-physician applicants there needs to be a designated backup physician at the site. All backup physicians must agree in writing to serve in the capacity and attest to the following:
Acceptance of responsibility for direct medical supervision

  • Personally be in current good standing with any federally regulated requirements for the conduct of clinical trials
  • Willingness to submit his/her credentials to the HSG Credentials Committee for review
  • Willingness to abide by the HSG confidentiality and conflict of interest policies for the study under which he/she serves

This letter should be signed and on their institution’s letterhead, addressed to the Credentials Committee Chair, returned with the application materials. This can be folded into the letter of recommendation (if being written by the same individual).

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