About Us

HD Insights is a semiannual publication that highlights the latest research on Huntingtons disease. We provide our readers with information about the most recent scientific findings and clinical trials that are underway, and we introduce them to the individuals and companies who are working diligently to pursue therapies and even a cure for HD.

HD Insights wouldn’t be possible without the following people:

Editorial Board Members

Daniel Claassen, MD — Editor, Vanderbilt University

Donald Kennedy, PhD — Stanford University

Nobuyuki Nukina, MD, PhD — Riken Brain Science Institute

Rodrigo Osorio — Agrupación Chilena de Huntington

Ralf Reilmann, MD, PhD — George Huntington Institute

Publication Staff

Margy Rockwood — Deputy Editor

Christina Ullman, MSJ — Art Director

Lise Munsie, PhD — Scientific Content Reviewer

Emma Grushkin — Webmaster

Huntington Study Group

Shari Kinel, JD — Executive Director

Anne Van Dusen — Sr. Director, Operations

Michael Lentine, MBA — Chief Financial Officer

Elise Kayson, MS, ANP — Vice President of Clinical Operations

Kristin Strazdins — Sr. Manager, Organization Operations & Planning

Jeffrey Mann — Director, Quality Assurance

Kristin Keyes — Executive Assistant

Emma Grushkin — Manager of Creative Services and Communications

Janine Mercandetti — Manager, Contracts & Projects

Lauren Falanga — Manager, Clinical Collaborations

Lynn Denise — Metrics Development & Performance Improvement Coordinator

Jody Goldstein — Director, Clinical Operations

Lisa de Blieck — Director, Project Management

Melissa Austin — Sr. Clinical Project Manager

Carrie Martin — Regulatory Document Specialist

Christine Weaver — Sr. Clinical Research Associate

Kelley Morgan — Sr. Clinical Project Manager

Andrea Hurt — Associate Clinical Project Manager

Ralph Busoye — Sr. Clinical Research Associate

Victoria Rucinski — Sr. Clinical Project Manager

Susan Bennett — Associate Clinical Project Manager

Julia Spears — Associate Clinical Project Manager