Announcing HSG’s 2015 Award Winners

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The Huntington Study Group (HSG) is proud to announce this year’s award winners, including the inaugural Shoulson and New Member Scholars. Through these awards, HSG recognizes the hard work of veteran investigatos and coordinators and encourages individuals wishing to pursue a career in HD research.

Anne Young receives the Lifetime Achievement award from Ira Shoulson.
Anne Young receives the Lifetime Achievement award from Ira Shoulson.

Lifetime Achievement

Anne Young, M.D., Ph.D., a co-founder of the Huntington Study Group in 1993, has dedicated her life’s work to finding treatments for neurodegenerative diseases. Her research has shed light on how HD damages the basal ganglia in the brain and has been a springboard for testing novel treatment options.

Investigator of the Year

Andrew Feigin, M.D., director of Neuroscience Experimental Therapeutics at the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, has been an invaluable member of HSG for many years. In recent years, he has served as a principal investigator, including for the recently launched SIGNAL trial.

Coordinator Mentor

Jody Goldstein, Senior Project Manager at the University of Rochester’s Clinical Trials Coordination

Jody Goldstein receives the Coordinator Mentor award from Jody Corey Bloom.
Jody Goldstein receives the Coordinator Mentor award from Jody Corey Bloom.

Center, has long been dedicated to Huntington disease since her time as a coordinator at the HSG Site at the University of California, San Diego. She forged strong bonds with HD families while developing top-notch skills as a coordinator. At the University of Rochester, she now mentors coordinators across HSG’s network to be more efficient, more engaged and more passionate about finding treatments that make a difference for HD.

Shoulson Scholars
In honor of HSG’s founder, Dr. Ira Shoulson, the HSG has established the Shoulson Scholar Fund. This fund recognizes outstanding junior investigators for promising research in Huntington disease. The annual fund is awarded in support of recipient travel and attendance of the annual HSG meeting.

This year’s recipients are:

  • Kelly Andrejewski, University of Rochester
  • Nancy Downing, University of Iowa
  • George McNally, University of Birmingham

The Shoulson Scholarships have been provided through the generosity of the Fox Family Foundation and the Griffin Foundation.

New Member
Like the Shoulson Scholarship, the New Member Scholarship program supports travel to and attendance of our annual meeting for individuals interested in furthering their training and education. This year’s recipients are:certificate

Jamie Adams, University of Rochester
Jamie Archer, Washington University School of Medicine
Setareh Ashtiani, University of Alberta Hospital
Karen Ayala, University of Texas, Austin
Fang Ba, University of Alberta
Miriam Batule Dominguez, Acta Medica del Centro
Julie Bonano, Virginia Commonwealth University
Katherine Eder McDonell, Vanderbilt University
Hanne Files, Calvary Health Care Bethlehem
Joshua Grill, University of California, Irvine
Andrea Higgins, Bloomfield Hospital
Jennifer Hoblyn, Bloomfield Hospital
Jared Husketh, HD Reach
Melinda Kavanaugh, Medical College of Wisconsin
Chris Lamb, Baptist Medical Center of Jacksonville
Guillaume Lamotte, Georgetown University
Terrence McGill, Westmead Hospital
Jennifer Nichols, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Noberta Robertson, Hereditary Neurological Disease Center
Behrang Saminejad, University of Utah
Madeline Sharp, Columbia University

The New Member scholarships have been provided through the generosity of following sponsors:
Teva Pharmaceuticals
Valeant Pharmaceuticals
Lundbeck, Inc.
Raptor Pharmaceuticals
Prana Biotechnology
Vaccinex, Inc.
CHDI Foundation
LifeMax Laboratories

Both groups of scholars represent the next generation of investigators, coordinators, social workers, genetic counselors, who are joining the effort to seek treatments that make a difference for HD.

HSG is also proud to welcome the recipients of HD Insights’ Insights of the Year award winners:
Janelle Drouin-Ouelette, Lund University
Stephen Smith, Seattle Children’s Hospital
Edward Wild, University College London
William Yang, University of California, Los Angeles

And HDSA’s Human Biology Scholars:
Helen Budworth, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Tanya Garcia, University of Texas, Houston
Jun Hua, Johns Hopkins University

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