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HD InsightsCory Sargent: I am the DIFFERENCE


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Cory SargentI came into this world a loving boy.

Ran and laughed and played with all my toys.

I was a normal kid until one day,

When my body and mind wouldn’t let me play.

As the days went by things got harder to do,

Just to eat, think and turn my head to look at you.

The one thing I want, but can not say, I love you each and every day.

As the clock on the wall Runs the time away,

I hear your voice fighting every day,

Find a cure for which my family has endured,

That one day we will find a cure.

I hear the scream and cries at night,

Take this away, we won’t quit the fight of the dreaded disease that had taken so much of me.

I am no longer in control, can you hear my pleas?

The strain on my body and my family alike,

We never give up the fight.

In hopes that one that we will find a cure,

And all the names of all the angels will do some good.

To rid this word of this strand of disease

The dreadful strand know as J.H.D.

-Written by Terry “Santini” Sargent Jr.
In loving memory of Cory William Sargent 2/16/94-12/12/15

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