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Editor's letter featured imageWelcome to the 15th edition of HD Insights, released at the 2016 Huntington Study Group (HSG) Annual Meeting in Nashville, TN. We are proud to be celebrating five years of pursuing our mission to promote, disseminate, and facilitate HD research with content that is valuable and informative to the global community of HD researchers. This 15th edition marks the third year of our Insights of the Year competition, the second of our Meet the Next Generation of HD researchers feature, and the continuation of our updates on HD clinical trials, compounds in development, and research from around the world. We are grateful to our sponsors, our readers, and our authors for their contributions towards our ongoing mission.
This year, our Editorial Board and last year’s Insights of the Year winners nominated 17 articles as the most influential developments in HD research from July 2015-July 2016. All 17 explore fascinating and promising discoveries and advancements in our understanding of HD and in our attempts to develop treatments. The three winners, selected by the Editorial Board and previous awardees, will be presenting their work at a panel session at the HSG meeting on November 2. Also at this year’s meeting, the 2016 HDSA Human Biology Fellows awarded scholarships to attend HSG and the two 2016 Shoulson Scholars, featured in our “Meet the Next Generation” series, will be presenting their research and connecting with new and veteran investigators and researchers from around the world. This edition also brings you an update from Dr. Kimberly Kegel-Gleason on the promise and opportunities in the use of induced pluripotent stem cells in HD research, a highlight from the Journal of Huntington’s Disease. Dr. Joseph Ochaba shares his work exploring potential therapeutic targeting of PIAS1 to diminish neurodegeneration. We sit down with WAVE Life Sciences, a new biotechnology company using proprietary techniques to produce stereopure nucleic acid therapies for HD and other rare diseases, and introduce you to their new compounds. Finally, we continue to update the HD community on upcoming, ongoing, and recently completed clinical trials.
HD Insights is dedicated to creating connections and bringing together ideas and people in the HD community to advance HD research. This edition features job opportunities both for those in training and at a later stage in their careers, in academia and in industry. If you have an opportunity you would like to share with nearly 3000 HD researchers and clinicians, please let us know at editor@hdinsights.org.
Your comments, suggestions, and contributions are invaluable to us. If you would like to get in touch, please email editor@hdinsights.org. If you or your colleagues would like a free electronic subscription to HD Insights, please visit www.HDInsights.org and complete the subscription form. Thank you for all that you do.
-Ray Dorsey, Editor, HD Insights
disclosures: dr. dorsey receives grant support from prana biotechnology, teva, roche, biomarin, raptor pharmaceuticals and the huntington study group.

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Our mission is to promote, disseminate, and facilitate research on Huntington’s disease. To fulfill this mission, we are guided by an outstanding editorial board that includes representatives from three continents, academia, industry, and the HD community.

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