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HD InsightsEditor’s Letter

Bem-vindo to the latest issue of HD Insights timed for release at the World Congress on Huntington’s Disease in Rio de Janeiro! We thank Dr. Francisco Cardoso and the organizers of the World Congress for the opportunity to provide its participants a copy of our most recent issue.

HD Insights regularly brings you HD research from around the world. This issue highlights research from Australia provided by Dr. Izelle Labuschagne, a round-up of the latest HD research from Dr. Lise Munsie, and a clinical trials status report by Ms. Paige Nichols. In this issue we also highlight the personal side of HD in a moving interview with Mr. Rodrigo Osorio, whom we are fortunate to have as a member of our Editorial Board and who is creating a “home” for many people affected by HD in Latin America. Ms. Haley Richards, a very talented high school student in the United States conducted this interview and was introduced to the disease through her mother, who helped investigate a potential new treatment for HD. Finally, we bring you different perspectives from academia and industry on the development of a promising class of therapeutics for HD – phosphodiesterase 10A inhibitors.

HD Insights is the product of the efforts of many talented and dedicated people. In this issue, we thank Ms. Kristin Darwin for her many contributions organizing and assembling great issues as Deputy Editor over the past year. She, her considerable talents, and wonderful empathy are beginning a new chapter as a medical student at Johns Hopkins. To help fill her role, we welcome Ms. Meredith Achey who has ably helped Kristin in this transition.

HD Insights is always looking for new contributors, topics to cover, and additional sponsors. If you are interested or have ideas that would be of interest to nearly 1500 HD researchers and clinicians around the world, please email (editor@hdinsights.org ) or contact me anytime. Finally, subscription to HD Insights is always free by simply emailing subscribe@hdinsights.org .










Ray Dorsey, MD

Editor, HD Insights TM




Editorial Board Members

Ray Dorsey, MD — Editor, University of Rochester

Donald Kennedy, PhD — Stanford University

Nobuyuki Nukina, MD, PhD — Riken Brain Science Institute

Rodrigo Osorio — Agrupación Chilena de Huntington

Bernard Ravina, MD — Biogen Idec

Ralf Reilmann, MD — University of Munster

Sarah Tabrizi, MBChB, PhD — University College London

Leslie Thompson, PhD — University of California Irvine

Huntington Study Group

Shari Kinel, JD — HSG Executive Director

Liz McCarthy, BA — HSG Administrative Manager J

Jillian Lowell, BS — HSG Event Planner


Izelle Labuschagne, PhD

Lise Munsie, PhD

Paige Nichols, BA

Haley Richards

Publication Staff

Meredith Achey, BM — Deputy Editor

Kristin Darwin, BS — Deputy Editor

Robin Taylor — Production Editor

Martin Holmes — Technical Editor

Todd Bernhard — Copy Editor

Dave Kolko — Distribution Specialist

For more information on HD Insights, or to receive a free subscription, please visit us at www.HDInsights.org  or email us at editor@hdinsights.org

About HD Insights

Our mission is to promote, disseminate, and facilitate research on Huntington’s disease. To fulfill this mission, we are guided by an outstanding editorial board that includes representatives from three continents, academia, industry, and the HD community.

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