Loss of our friend, Dr. Kimberly Quaid de Cordon

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We heard today that Kimberly Quaid de Cordon, PhD, died in a tragic accident, and we now are mourning the loss of our friend and long time HSG colleague. Kim was a professor of Medical and Molecular Genetics and a Faculty Investigator for the Center for Bioethics at the Indiana University School of Medicine, and a genetic counsellor, and bioethicist who contributed influential works in areas of genetic testing, informed consent, research integrity, gender equity, and more. She was a highly sought after collaborator and committee member within the HD research community and more broadly with regard to her work in Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases and cancer. Kim was the director of the HDSA Center of Excellence in Indianapolis, Co-Investigator of the HD Research Roster, and contributed extensively in her professional life. Kim lived life with energy, joy and humour, and a strong sense of justice. She leaves behind her beloved husband and two daughters. She will be sorely missed as a friend and colleague.


Julie Stout, PhD, Treasurer, Huntington Study Group

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