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HD InsightsMEET THE SCIENTIST: Pavlina Konstantinova, MSc, PhD


NAME: Pavlina Konstantinova, MSc, PhD

TITLE: Director of Emerging Technologies and Huntington Disease Program Leader, uniQure

EDUCATION: MSc, Biochemistry and Microbiology, Sofia University, Bulgaria; PhD, Bulgaria Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria; Post-doctoral research, RNAi-based gene therapy for HIV-1, Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam Netherlands; Post-doctoral research, Viral miRNA function, Duke University, Durham, NC

HOBBIES: Yoga and spending time with her family

Dr. Pavlina Konstantinova is a scientist whose research interests have centered on virology and RNA interference. She joined uniQure eight years ago to bring together these interests and develop gene therapy and delivery mechanisms. She initiated the company’s HD program several years later.