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HD InsightsUnderstanding the Process

Spring is here, and with it the promise of newness. Newness in HD is needed. We need new treatments, new ideas, new breakthroughs, and new momentum. One of the trends I have noticed is the recent crop of investigators who are bringing new energy to HD. These are exciting times.

Many of these investigators often tell me that they want to get involved in trials but might not have the tools or understanding of the individual components of a trial. From Program Manager to Medical Monitor to Study Principal Investigator, I think you will appreciate the diversity of expertise needed to run trials. We affectionately call this edition The Anatomy of a Clinical Trial.

One of my favorite articles in this edition is the piece by Astri Arnesen. Not only does this piece highlight such an interesting individual, but it also brings forward the importance of patient-centered trials. We need more patient voices in our work, and
I hope we can continue to create trials with the patient needs in mind.

Of course, in the middle of it all is the clinical site — the heart of the trial. This is the place where patients are cared for, where research happens, where it all comes together. I hope during these new times that we can support our sites and all the clinical trial teams’ highly demanding work to assure the highest scientific and ethical standards in the quest for improved treatment of HD.

Thank you for reading.

Daniel Claassen 1

Daniel Claassen, MD

Division Chief, Behavioral and Cognitive Neurology
Professor of Neurology
Vanderbilt University Medical Center