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HD InsightsWhat HSG Means to Martha

What does HSG mean to you?


The HSG, simply stated, represents the best hope for better treatments, hopefully disease-modifying treatments, for HD. The changes taking place within the HSG, broadening its membership base, will push this effort faster, by bringing in more people-power! I am hoping for more ideas, more connections, more rapid communication, novel approaches, and a more rapid pace of discovery!

What’s the most meaningful aspect of working with HD patients?

If you connect properly with a patient and family, if you give them a solid piece of ground to stand on–they know what HD is and does and what to expect, and you manage their symptoms as well as you can, and if they know that you will be there for them throughout the course of their disease–if you do those things, then the patients and their families will use their own energy and skills and creativity to live their lives to the fullest, and maybe even to pull other less fortunate patients along with them. I have been privileged to know some remarkable people over my years working in HD.

Martha Nance, MD

Director, Huntington Disease Clinic
Hennepin County Medical Center
Minneapolis, MN

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