HDCIP Partners

Special thank you to the incredible HSG Focus Group of individuals and caregivers impacted by HD for their guidance, insight, and time and to the Griffin Foundation whose generous support and funding made this project possible.

Also thank you to PwC team:
Gerry McDougall, Abdul Shaikh, Alyson Simonetta-Larkin, Spencer Mitchell, Sravya Durbha, and Lauren Fishkin, for their keen insight, experience, and focus on this project.

To our core team of volunteers who worked on the HDCIP with PwC:
Karen Anderson, Jack Griffin, Al Kinel, Joni Steinman, George Yohrling, and the HSG Staff, Shari Kinel, Heather Hare, Stevan Ramirez, and Anne Van Dusen

To all the organizations that reviewed, posted and pushed the surveys out to the community:

And to all the people who provided their experiences and insight including:

Amy Chesire, Ray Dorsey, Dan Claassen, Bonnie Hennig, Jeremy Gilbert, Jody Goldstein, Robin Grubs, Katie Jackson, Elise Kayson, Jamie Levey, Ana Mladenovic, Eileen Neacy, Camille Perret, Ira Shoulson, Duane Sword, Chandler Swope, Jeff Trent, James Valvano, Louise Vetter, Francis Walker, Alan Wienhold, and Ed Wild.