Become an HSG Research Site

Become an HSG Credentialed Research Site

The HSG is always interested and open to adding qualified new research sites and investigators. In order to be eligible for consideration to become an HSG research site or to participate as a site in a clinical trial, the investigator and site must be credentialed by the HSG Credentials Committee. The Credentials Committee is responsible for reviewing applications received from individuals interested in joining the HSG and evaluating the merits of submitted applications. The Committee meets quarterly and is comprised of investigators and coordinators from the HSG.

Site Credentialing Requirements

  • Center involved in the care of individuals with HD
  • Experienced site staff, including HSG credentialed investigators and coordinators
  • History of HD trials and research studies

Two-step Application Process

If you have additional questions about how to become part of the HSG please contact:

Huntington Study Group
Phone: 800-487-7671
Fax: 585-672-9912