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HSG’s membership is composed of a diverse group of individuals around the globe who are dedicated to supporting our mission of accelerating treatments that make a difference for Huntington’s disease. Our goal is to create a collaborative community of HD investigators, coordinators, professionals, and partners to help us improve the lives of people impacted by HD through research, education, and collaboration.

See below for a description of HSG’s membership categories and the box to the right for our application link to become a member today!

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HSG Membership Options

There are three categories of Membership at the Huntington Study Group (HSG). The details for each type of Membership are described below.

Credentialed Researcher Member

An Investigator or Coordinator who has been approved through HSG’s Credentialing Process to conduct HSG Clinical Trials.

PLEASE NOTE: To be eligible for consideration for an HSG clinical trial, the Investigator, Coordinator, and Site must be credentialed.

Professional Member

A researcher, clinician, or medical professional who contributes to HD research and/or care.

This includes but is not limited to Genetic Counselors, Social Workers, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Fellows, Medical Students, Graduate Students, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Geneticists, Neuroscientists, Psychologists, Neuropsychologists, Psychiatrists, and other scientists who are not Credentialed Investigators or Coordinators.

Partner Member

An individual interested in supporting the HSG’s mission to accelerate treatments that make a difference for Huntington’s disease.

An individual interested in supporting the HSG’s mission to accelerate treatments that make a difference for Huntington’s disease.

This includes but is not limited to industry partners, advocacy group members, and community and family members.

HSG Membership Benefits

Credentialed Researcher Member Professional Member Partner Member
Receive HSG Internal Updates
(job postings, organization news, clinical trial information and updates, educational materials, HSG hosted webinars and forums, etc.)
Invited to Annual Meeting
Participate in Committees/Working Groups
Participate in Education and Training Programs
Serve as Primary Site Investigator/Coordinator or in an HSG Study or Trial
EMC Election Voting Rights


The Board reserves the right to add or remove benefits for membership of the HSG as it deems necessary and appropriate.

Members of the HSG as defined in the Policy are not “Members” for the purposes of the New York Non-Profit Corporation law and there shall be no legal rights appurtenant to membership.

*If at any time your qualifications and/or affiliations, institutions, positions, or anything that could alter your membership status change, it is your responsibility to notify HSG within 60 calendar days.

*The HSG requires that all individuals working for, with, or on behalf of the HSG on clinical trials, studies, projects, initiatives, or any other effort sponsored by or affiliated with the HSG, maintain the highest degree of integrity and level of personal and professional standards of conduct. HSG Membership Status may be altered or revoked at the discretion of the HSG including failure to comply with HSG’s Code of Conduct.