HSG Leadership Election Results

Andrew Feigin, Chair-Elect

Elise Kayson, Co-Chair-Elect

On behalf of the HSG Nominating Committee, it is with great pleasure that we announce that Andrew Feigin and Elise Kayson have won the run-off election for the HSG Chair and Co-Chair positions. We thank all of the candidates who ran for these positions and salute their enthusiasm and commitment to the entire election process. In addition, we thank each of you who attended the webinars, viewed the webpages, and took the time to cast your vote for this important election. As HSG begins our 25th year of seeking treatments that make a difference, let’s join in congratulating our new leadership and wishing them the very best as they outline an exciting future.

Andy and Elise begin their four-year term as chair and co-chair May 1, 2018, succeeding Ray Dorsey and Blair Leavitt, who along with Julie Stout, Joni Steinman, and Shari Kinel, expertly led HSG through the last four years.


Anne Young

Chair, HSG Nominating Committee