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NewsMeet the HSG Clinical Research, Inc. (HSGCR) Management Team – The HSG’s CRO

July 2022

HSG Clinical Research, Inc. (HSGCR) was established as a wholly owned for-profit subsidiary of the Huntington Study Group, LTD (HSG) to focus exclusively on delivery the best project management and core operations for clinical research in Huntington disease. Overseeing key roles in leading the HSGCR are some familiar faces with long time service on behalf of the HSG.

Continuing in key realigned operational roles as full-time employees of the organization are:

Shari Kinel – Chief Executive Officer

Shari joined the HSG in 2009 and led the formation of the HSG as a standalone not-for-profit 501(c) organization as well as the formation of HSG Clinical Research, Inc – a for-profit wholly owned subsidiary of the HSG. She oversees the overall operations and leads planning and implementation of strategic initiatives. Shari is involved in helping conduct HD clinical trials including the pivotal trial that resulted in the second FDA-approved drug for HD. Since joining HSG, Shari has served on HD clinical trial steering committees, HD trial project teams and has worked with many HD organizations and partners on special programs. Shari is an attorney who started her career at the government in Washington, DC and then transitioned to financial services until she found her passion working towards finding treatments for people affected by HD.

Anne Van Dusen – Chief Operating Officer

While assisting in nearly all aspects of HSG operations and mission driven programs, with the inception of HSGCR, Anne assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer and lends organizational oversight to both the the HSG and HSGCR to ensure efficiency, efficacy and compliance in all business aspects of the organization. Anne has been a valued member of the HSG for over 5 years, with a expansive background in Finance, Compliance and Quality within the Heathcare Industry for 20+ years.

Michael Lentine – Chief Financial Office

Mike has over a decade of experience in Finance and Research Administration. In his current role, he provides financial oversight for the Huntington Study Group (HSG). He develops budgets, negotiates contracts, oversees accounting operations, and plays a role in driving forward the HSG’s strategic plan. Mike holds an MBA from the University of Rochester’s Simon School of Business.

Joining HSGCR in new roles for the organization are the following:

Andrew Feigin – Chief Medical Officer (CMO)

Prior to the incorporation of HSGCR as its wholly owned subsidiary, Andy served in many capacities for the HSG, including most recently as the elected Chair of the HSG. He has been involved in HD clinical research since his participation in the Venezuela Collaborative Research Study beginning in 1993, and his independent research has focused on the development of novel imaging biomarkers for use as outcome measures in HD clinical trials. Andy has served in many roles for multicenter HD clinical trials including as principal investigator (SIGNAL, PROOF-HD), co-PI (LEGATO-HD), medical monitor, DSMB member and Chair, steering committee member, as well as serving as a site PI on numerous HD clinical trials. Now, as CMO, his primary role will be to provide leadership and direction for HSGCR’s pipeline of clinical development programs and clinical trials in HD and other rare diseases.

Elise Kayson – Vice President, Clinical Operations

Elise has been actively involved in the HSG in various roles since its inception, and recently joined HSGCR as a full-time employee. This follows the conclusion of her role serving with Andrew Feigin, MD as elected Co-Chair of the Huntington Study Group. Elise has more than two decades of clinical research experience in HD and other rare disorders across both pharmaceutical industry and academia. In her role as VP of Clinical Operations, Elise will provide clinical trial design strategic guidance and leadership and oversight for the execution of all phases of clinical trials ensuring they are completed in a timely manner, to budget and regulatory standards. She will ensure the efficiency, effectiveness, and quality of HSGCR’s operational aspects of development programs and project management for all clinical trials within HSGCR.

Christopher Ross – Senior Director of Scientific Affairs

While leading the HSG Scientific Advisory Council, driving the panel discussions of the popular Innovators Forum at the HSG Annual Meeting, and developing Scientific Advisory Boards and other scientific advice for sponsors, Chris’s role as Chief Scientific Officer has been aligned under HSGCR on the leadership team. He will continue working to support the scientific and clinical trial growth strategies of HSGCR and also continue with scientific advice for other HSG activities.