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PodcastsEpisode 11 – Dr. Mary Edmondson

Dr. Mary Edmondson has long been an active advocate in the HD community. Using her family’s experience with Huntington disease and lack of quality information available to her as motivation, Dr. Edmondson made it her personal mission to educate herself on HD. In doing so, she became board certified in Internal Medicine and Psychiatry, helped start a local HDSA chapter, and was a founder of the North Carolina-base advocacy group HD Reach. Dr. Edmondson currently serves as Chair of the Huntington Study Group Provider Education Committee, and has been pivotal in developing and advancing the CME4HD curriculum for health care providers. Join us as she shares her story, including meeting some of the preeminent names in HD research that helped provide the push she needed to kickstart her career as an HD advocate. And with current events centered around COVID-19, Dr. Edmondson shares her thoughts for families and caregivers on coping with additional stresses they might now be experiencing.