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PodcastsEpisode 12 – Chandler Swope

On this episode of the HD Insights Podcast, we talk with Chandler Swope from the Huntington’s Disease Youth Organization (HDYO). Chandler has been the Director of Youth Services since 2014, and has helped spearhead a number of key initiatives aimed at helping young people deal with the impact of Huntington’s disease, including the annual North American HD Youth Camp. She is a dedicated and compassionate advocate for families and is experienced with helping young people address family trauma and crisis. We asked Chandler to join the podcast to share perspectives on helping people cope with stress, and strategies to still feel a sense of connection despite the limitations of social distancing, especially for HD families and youth during the COVID-19 global pandemic. Plus we get learn more about her background, including how she started with and the work she does through HDYO.