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PodcastsEpisode 13 – Dr. Adam Vogel

On this episode of the HD Insights Podcast, we cover a potential indicator for the progression of Huntington disease that you may not have thought of before – speech. Dr. Adam Vogel is Professor of Speech Neuroscience, at the Centre for Neuroscience of Speech at The University of Melbourne in Australia, where his team works on improving how we recognize, describe and treat communication and swallowing deficits in people with progressive neurological disorders, including Huntington’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. His platform presentation, “Motor speech phenotype of Huntington’s disease: A clinical biomarker in the premanifest phase”, was featured at the Huntington Study Group annual meeting in November 2019. Dr. Vogel has co-authored more than 140 publications and talks about the importance speech in predicting the onset of HD symptoms.