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PodcastsEpisode 21 -Brendan McLaren (Monash University)

HD Insights Podcast welcomed Brendan McLaren, Provisional Psychologist, Doctor of Psychology (Clinical Neuropsychology) Candidate, at Monash University (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia). On this episode, Brendan discusses research that he recently presented, titled MOBILE APP-BASED ASSESSMENT SHOWS THAT LESS PHYSICAL ACTIVITY, AND LONGER TIME IN BED, ASSOCIATE WITH POORER COGNITIVE FUNCTIONING IN PRE-MANIFEST AND EARLY MANIFEST HUNTINGTON’S DISEASE. It’s an interesting look at these two areas, which don’t have much in the way of prior research, and it combines the use of some popular and well-known wearable technology.

For more on the lab at Monash where this and other research work is being done, visit http://hrgv.org.au/Research/Labs/CCN.html.