Applications + Forms

Applications + Forms

Listed below is every form or application our prospective members, prospective credentialed investigators, coordinators need to get more involved in HSG.

HSG Member Application
Application for HSG membership for credentialed coordinator, credentialed investigator, or researcher or clinician affiliated with an HSG Credentialed Research Site that contributes to the advancement of HD research and/or care

Associate Member Application
Application for membership for advocates, family members, funders and anyone else interested in supporting HSG’s mission to seek treatments that make a difference for HD

Credentialed Member Renewal Application
Application to renew membership for HSG members (required every five years)

New Site Questionnaire
Questionnaire for sites applying to become HSG credentialed

Site Letter of Agreement
Requirement for sites applying to become HSG credentialed

Investigator Application
Application for investigators to become HSG credentialed

Coordinator Application
Application for coordinators to become HSG credentialed

New Member Scholarship Award Application 
Scholarship application for new HSG members to attend the HSG annual event

Shoulson Scholar Fund Application 
Scholarship application for recognize outstanding investigators who are new to HD, have participated in HD research, and wish to pursue a career in HD to attend the HSG annual event

Peter Como Scholarship Application
Application for a professional in the mental health field to attend HSG’s annual meeting

Peter Como HD Research Symposium Abstract Submission 
Abstract submission for HD Clinical Research Symposium during HSG’s annual event

UHDRS Request Form 
Request license to use the Unified Huntington’s Disease Rating Scale

Future Research Contact Form 
Sign up to be contacted about future HSG trials and studies