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  University of California Davis Medical Center
Department of Neurology
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Sacramento, California 95817

  Amanda Martin (916) 734-3541



Site Coordinator

martin_UC DavisAmanda Martin

Amanda Martin graduated from UC Davis in 2009 with a BA in linguistics. She joined the HDSA Center of Excellence in 2010 as a study coordinator. She is the designated coordinator on a number of trials and also manages the administrative operations for all the HD clinical trials.

Site Investigators

Vicki Wheelock, MD

Dr. Wheelock joined the faculty at UC Davis in 1996 and launched the Movement Disorders program. She started the Huntington’s disease clinic at UC Davis, and the clinic was designated a Center of Excellence by the Huntington’s Disease Society of America (HDSA) in 2001. Dr. Wheelock also co-directed a satellite program for the surgical treatment of Parkinson’s disease through Kaiser Permanente from 1998-2006 and has extensive experience in Deep Brain Stimulator therapy. She has also been active with HDSA, serving on the Center Program and Education Advisory Committee since 2004, and she received the HDSA Patient and Family Care Award in 2007. A member of the Huntington Study Group (HSG) since 1997, Dr. Wheelock has served as a site investigator for numerous HSGsponsored trials, and was elected to the Executive Committee in 2007. Dr. Wheelock has recently formed a collaboration with Dr. Jan Nolta in the UC Davis Center for Regenerative Medicine with the goal of developing stem cell therapies for Huntington’s disease.


unpictured_woman_greenAlexandra “Sasha” Duffy, DO

Former Chief Resident and Movement Disorders Fellow in the Department of Neurology at UC Davis, Dr. Alexandra “Sasha” Duffy joined the faculty as an assistant clinical professor in 2015. In addition to her clinical role as a neurologist specializing in movement disorders, Dr. Duffy is an investigator in the UC Davis Huntington’s disease stem cell studies, and she will also be succeeding Dr. Wheelock as Director of the Neurology Residency Program.

During her training, Dr. Santini followed approximately 100 patients with Huntington’s disease, where she gained expertise in all stages of disease from pre-symptomatic genetic testing to later stages of the disease. Likewise, she followed many patients with various autonomic disorders, including multiple system atrophy and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. She takes a holistic approach to patient care and hopes to integrate conservative and alternative therapies, where appropriate. She is also proficient in the use of DBS and Botox.